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Increase conversion

Fast and good product advice

Good customer service is worth its weight in gold. Literally. When your customers can directly ask for product advice, the chance of a dropout is many times smaller. Think of live chat, where customers on a webshop can directly ask an employee for product advice. Without that chat, a customer would have had to call or email, which is a much higher threshold. If your competitor does have this, you are one step behind.

Reduce the return percentage

Large costs of webshops are the returns. When customers are well advised, before they make a purchase, the chance of returns is many times smaller. Your customer service plays an important role in this. Keep your sales funnel against the light. Not only after-sales is a reason to call, but also part of the decision process when making a purchase.

Gain customer insight

When you are in good contact with your customers, you catch what they think of your products. For example, do they need a certain size of shoes? Or a different color? Byteleaders always offers bi-directional customer service. This means that we proactively report to you what the (renewed) wishes of your customers are.

Live chat is a top tool

You see more and more chat windows at webshops. This is a very efficient tool to increase conversion. This powerful tool offers your website visitors the possibility to ask for easy product advice. Maintaining direct contact with your visitors increases your conversion by an average of 8 to 20%!