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Cost savings

Costs own customer service team

When you set up your own (in-house) customer service, you will have to deal with office costs, insurances, and management costs. The administration of salary and hours also has to be done. Think also of the social costs of customer service personnel. For example when they work overtime, evenings, and weekends. With some collective labor agreements, you have to pay 200% salary.

Save with customer service outsourcing

The nice thing about outsourcing is that you get an overview of the costs. In addition to cost control, in many cases, this also saves a lot of money. Also, count on the fact that you no longer have to spend time managing and training your customer service staff. Wage costs of a manager that costs an average of 45 euros per hour, you’ll soon find out when you choose to outsource.

Choose the right software

Choosing the right software for handling customer contact is important. Think of a good CRM system, such as Zendesk. In this system, customer service employees can make notes about appointments made with a customer. Employees can easily alternate between each other because they know exactly what a previous conversation was about. This ensures that your customer service department can immediately respond to a customer’s needs and help them on their way faster. In this way, you avoid irritations with customers and create efficient customer contact immediately.

Transparent cost model