What is wholesale customer contact?

Other (facility) contact centers can purchase additional customer contact capacity from us. We can transfer our employees to the customer contact systems of other contact centers.

Benefits wholesale

By reducing scheduling losses, wholesale contributes to the financial stability of both our client and Byteleaders. This benefits employment: more passionate customer service employees can get a permanent job. Wholesale jumps into the gap of fluctuating supply and demand, helping both us and other contact centers.

Variable availability and hourly rate

We sell our overcapacity to other facility contact centers and (semi-)government contact centers. Our organization provides very flexible services, therefore the number of available agents and the hourly rate varies from hour to hour. We reward contact centers that regularly purchase hours with a graduated discount scheme.

Technical Overview

Purchasing can be done manually via email at wholesale@byteleaders.nl or automated via our REST API. Through the API link, you can view the current hourly rate and available agents in real-time.

Legal overview

The customer service employees continue to work under the employment contract and employer supervision of Byteleaders. There is therefore no question of lending or broadcasting.

Reverse Wholesaling

Conversely, we are open to purchasing customer contact capacity from other contact centers. In the case of broadcasting or lending, we require a Waadi declaration.

Example wholesale process