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Customer service support for Black Friday

By 4 December 2020No Comments

For many e-commerce companies the busy day of the year is coming again: Black Friday. The American tradition will take place on Friday November 27th and will of course be dominated by stunting retailers. We will be happy to give you advice on how to survive this day in terms of customer service.

Prevent overloading

Due to the high discounts, the orders fly around your ears tripling your incoming customer service calls is not strange. Check if your current customer service organization can handle this. To what extent can you scale up? Look at dates from last year. If your marketing team will implement a similar plan, you can look at how customer service performed then.

Communicate with your customers

Your customers will understand that it is busier than usual. Don’t feel burdened just to say so honestly. An automatic message to the customer that the response time is a bit longer than they are used to is sufficient.

Ensure a good division of tasks

Especially on such a day it is important that your customer service team has a sharp division of tasks. Who takes the first line? Who deals with the returns and who deals with the repairs? Let each other know in the morning before the lines open.

Enable callback requests

Long queues at the switchboard are not only annoying for your customers, but also stressful for your customer service colleagues. Make sure that your switchboard automatically does not take on any new callers when there are X number of people waiting. Instead of that, use an automatic tape to indicate that your customer will be called back. Your switchboard can automatically send an e-mail to yourself who needs to be called back.

Outsourcing is a great option

Parties such as Byteleaders offer flexible and scalable customer service. This allows you to scale up your own customer service team at peak times such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays. Byteleaders specializes in taking customer service out of your hands, so your customers won’t notice that it’s outsourced. Check out the possibilities and costs here.

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