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7 activities you have time for now that Byteleaders takes care of your customer service

By 4 December 2020No Comments

1. Add new product groups

Let go of the stealthy tunnel vision of everyday things and orient yourself with an open mind. Where are the opportunities for my organization? Take a look at new products that have come on the market, or even better: develop them yourself.

2. Meditating in the office

Heh? Doesn’t the phone ring endlessly anymore? Is it broken? No, that’s right! We pick up your phone and help your customers in the same quality as you would do it yourself. Now you finally have peace of mind to meditate in the office. Or with your colleagues. According to researchers at Erasmus University, meditation stimulates creativity. “It helps to break free from fixed patterns of thought.

3. Hold your marketing up to the light

Get your marketing agency together and take a critical look at the costs and benefits. Couldn’t we do a little better? What exactly is our target group? Refine! It is best to launch something out-of-the-box. That doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money, as long as you stand out, other (free) media will pick it up as well.

4. Organize a company outing

It is good for the team spirit to go out with your colleagues once in a while. Go karting together, paintballing, rowing, invent something. Make a fun day of concluding a drink or dinner. Emphasize as a manager that you do this because you’re proud that your team has performed so well.

5. Feedback night!

Organize a meeting with your employees where you can talk about your organization in a nice atmosphere. Where are we? Where do we want to go? What is going well? What could be better? Make sure that all departments have the same opportunity to talk so that you get a complete picture. It’s on the air!

6. Renew your IT

How companies deal with IT is extremely variable. Startups often have the latest of the latest, but somewhat larger companies often run on a dragon of a computer system. Calculate what it costs to replace it and take away the many wasted man-hours and annoyance you get with it.

7. Enjoying a drink

Well, most men and women make you the happiest with a nice drink. Talk about something other than work, how is that colleague’s mountain bike hobby going? Shall we go out together? A perfect moment to integrate with that one colleague you seem cool but never really talked to.

Great, so nice to be taken care of. See here what we can do for you.

Not the most serious blog post I’ve ever written, but well, there are definitely some laughs to be had!

Ralph Heeneman

About Ralph Heeneman

Ralph is oprichter en projectmanager van Byteleaders. Hij is gespecialiseerd in klantcontact oplossingen.