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As an entrepreneur, you like to be most involved with your core business.
We build external dedicated customer service teams that work on your business goals.
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  • Transparent cost model
  • Flexibly deployable 24/7
  • No robot: real people
  • Omnichannel customer contact
  • One contact person
  • Tailor-made for every organization

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    We gladly take your customer service off your hands from 50 calls per month.


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    Increase conversion

    Fast and knowledgeable customer service is worth its weight in gold. Literally. When your customers can directly request product advice, the chance of a dropout is many times smaller. Moreover, this also reduces the return percentage and you get instant insight into what your customers think of your products.

    Why Byteleaders?

    Why Byteleaders?

    Short lines and transparency. That is what we stand for.

    No robot, real people

    Our colleagues serve your customers based on your documentation. From product advice to warranty questions, customers are dealt with accurately and personally.

    Flexibly deployable 24/7

    You decide when we can be reached by your customers. Our colleagues are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Fixed contact person

    Our partners are assigned one permanent project manager. He or she will work with you to design the most efficient customer service solution.

    Transparent cost model

    No start-up or hidden costs. We will tell you in advance exactly what the investment will be

    Long term collaborations

    In the dynamic online world, stability is a necessity. After a trial period, we focus on collaborations for several years in which we have at least weekly consultations.

    Fully scalable

    Do you get a big peak of visitors? Don't worry, we'll make sure there are enough customer service representatives available.

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    Are you sure you want less turnover?

    Outsourcing your customer service with Byteleaders not only leads to good accessibility, but also more turnover. On average, our customers get:

    Average conversion increase

    by our customer service.

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